June 17, 2020


How to Convert PowerPoint to Word document with Kingsoft Office? How to Insert Watermark to Documents with Kingsoft Writer?. Je n’arrive pas a comprendre ce logiciel si quelqun pourrait m’aider sa serais cool, je voudrais convertir un fichier wps en pdf. DXF2EPA – AutoCad DXF File Conversion Utility for EPANET Although the conversion program can compute pipe lengths if so desired, other network data, such as junction elevations and .. comment faire pour importer un fichier dwg (autoCAD) en epanet??.

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After a little time he announced that the EPA will not continue to distribute and support the utility. A few days ago I found the file in my old wwp and thought that people may find it useful.

So here is a short description form the utility manual and a download link:.

It converts all of the line and polyline elements in selected layers of the DXF drawing into a set of pipes and junctions for EPANET, with all coordinates and vertex points intact. Although the conversion program can compute pipe lengths if so desired, other network data, such as junction elevations and demands, and pipe diameters and roughness values have to be edited within EPANET after the converted file is loaded. I make a map of water pipe network of is including data of elevasi node.

Hi, thanks a lot for you valuable help! You want to try and post your question on the forum here: Hi, thinks a lot.

If u want, i can send my programs that i develop for converting dxf to epanet it can calculate lenght for each polyline. I will be very grateful if you could send me the programs to convert DXF into Epanet. I will then send you my feedback. Hi folks, I have been able to transfer data from waterCad to Epanet.

It only transferred the network diagram in a messed up form. The problem is the hydraulic data like demands and elevations, is there any way to transfer that. Because the date which was transferred converrir not have any data. Plz help coz i have to submit my design very soon. Could enyone tell me how to fix that problem.


Hi, After I tried the dxf2epa, I have problems with the dxf file, so the program show the follow message at the end of the process: The problem is that the INP file is empty.

I tried unsuccessfully to hunt this down over 2 years ago, even going as far as contacting Lewis Rossman himself if I remember correctly. I have not tried it yet, but I am sure I will find fichieg most useful. How did You manage to convert dxf file into epanet. I am receiving the same message: If U tried different version of dxf please describe. I have succefully converted a dxf networt into an epanet.

Can fichiee help me. I wish to increase the decimal place accuracy as it currently comes across to the nearest 10 metres. I would like this to the milimetre or centimetre at the least. Any chance that anyone has a solution to this problem or the source code so i can modify it myself. Other than that, a fantastic util. Its really very helping tool and reduced a tedious worrk to draw a network on backdrop map for an engineer.

DXF2EPA – AutoCad DXF File Conversion Utility for EPANET

However, the prorame must be updated to also pick the arcs from Autocad map in addition to Lines and poly lines. Hi, Very useful tool, ficchier so far saved an awful lot of work. Been looking at translating the DXF text file into the INP databse file and wondered if I fcihier save an awful lot of time and effort if it already existed. I export congertir Piccolo file in.

The problem is that when I open the file in Epanet I have an empty file. Can someone help me? Ive only pipes in dxf. Illegal numerical value in DXF file come. Autocad version tried to save as dxf, dxf or dxf R12 under winxp. Hai this is raju i am regular user of EPANET cichier for water supply designing but unfortunately i forget the dxf file converter to epanet i searched a lot for it now i got from this site i feel very happy and thanks to EPANET team.

Could someone help to me and to write step by step, how I must correctly save and convert the file from dxf to.


DXF2EPA – AutoCad DXF File Conversion Utility for EPANET – Water Simulation

I have the same problems…. Illegal numerical value in DXF file. Yes, it works now! The subject of my Msc.

I have a large network with many pipe diameters and would like to create separate. Then I can group edit each import to update the pipe diameter. Change the decimal separator to. Other thing is conveetir use the Epanet in English instead of other languages I was using Portuguese version and now I am using the English version.

If someone knows how to create the inp file with the elevations of the junctions please let me know. Say in case of loop network, I want common junction for 4 pipes. At the comvertir time it comvertir that every junction and pipe are there clnvertir looking at the browser window.

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